What question embarrassed Gallant?

Amidst the growing voices inside America denouncing the way the war on Gaza was handled, and the continued support for Israel, tension remains the dominant situation.

At a time when wartime relations between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worsened, a senior American official asked Defense Minister Yoav Galant an embarrassing question while he was in Washington.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority reported that the official told the minister: If you cannot bring 50 humanitarian aid trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, how will you be able to evacuate more than a million people from the city of Rafah? This is in reference to the American proposal in which Washington hinted at the possibility of agreeing to a conditional Israeli attack in the south of the Gaza Strip.

She also added that the official continued, saying: “If a country fails to bring 50 food trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, how can it evacuate, shelter, and secure food for about a million people?”

However, Gallant tried to calm doubts and contain the bleeding relationship between the two parties, as he stressed during his meetings Israel’s commitments to fulfilling its promises.

He promised a greater personal role in transferring aid to the Strip, according to the Ynet website.

This came while Defense Minister Yoav Galant received presidential treatment during his visit to Washington, D.C., where he held two meetings with the US National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan, another meeting with his counterpart, US Defense Secretary Austin, a meeting with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and another with the head of the Intelligence Agency. Central Burns.

He also heard from his American colleagues harsh expressions towards Israel, and things that had never before been said to an Israeli official. (Sky News Arabia)

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