If they flee to Pakistan, we will go in to kill them. India is threatening

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed to CNN News 18 yesterday, Friday, that India will enter Pakistan to kill anyone who escapes across the border after attempting to “carry out terrorist activities” in the country.

The minister’s statements come a day after the British newspaper “The Guardian” published a report stating that the Indian government has killed about 20 people in Pakistan since 2020 as part of a broader plan to “eliminate terrorists” present on foreign soil. Pakistan denies harboring militants.

“If they flee to Pakistan, we will enter Pakistan to kill them,” Singh told the channel in response to a question about the report.

Singh added: “India always wants to maintain good relations with its neighboring countries, but if anyone repeatedly shows India bad intentions and comes to India and tries to carry out terrorist activities, we will not show mercy to him.”

Relations between the two countries have deteriorated since a suicide bombing targeted an Indian military convoy in Kashmir in 2019 and was blamed on militants based in Pakistan, prompting New Delhi to carry out an air strike on what it said was a militant base in Pakistan.

Pakistan said earlier this year that it had reliable evidence showing a connection between Indian agents and the killing of two of its citizens on its soil. For its part, India said it was “false and malicious” propaganda. (Arabic)

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