After the decision to deport him…this is what the Iraqi who burned the Qur’an will do

The Iraqi Silwan Mumika, who carried out several burnings of the Qur’an, revealed on Wednesday that he will seek asylum in neighboring Norway.

“I am on my way to Norway,” Mumika said in an interview published by the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

He considered, according to the newspaper, that Sweden “only accepts terrorists who are granted asylum and protection, while philosophers and thinkers are expelled.”

He is currently being investigated by the Swedish authorities on charges of incitement against ethnic groups in Sweden.

According to Expressen newspaper, Mumica was one of the reasons Sweden’s membership in NATO, which was finalized earlier this month, was delayed by several months.

Swedish immigration authorities revoked Mumika’s residence permit in October, saying he had provided incorrect information on his application and would be deported to Iraq.

But his deportation was suspended for security reasons, because according to Mumika, his life could be in danger if he was returned to his country of origin. (free)

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