Fuel prices in Lebanon

Fuel prices in Lebanon

Fuel prices in Lebanon

The exchange rate of the lira against the dollar

The Lebanese market is witnessing a steady rise in the price of the black market dollar, affected by the political situation, government stagnation, and major disagreements between political parties. Two days ago, the parallel market witnessed a rise of more than two thousand pounds in the price of the dollar, which directly affected all commodities, the most important of which is fuel.

Residents of Lebanon have been complaining about an increase in their cars’ gasoline consumption since the fuel crisis began last summer. There are many speculations about the reasons on people’s lips, between those who say there is gasoline in the water, and those who attribute it to the octane ratio in gasoline, or to the quality of imported gasoline.

My car consumes a lot of fuel. The village road is still the same, but the amount of fuel needed has changed. I cannot believe that my car spends this much over small distances. This complaint is repeated, in different forms, by the Lebanese, expressing the existence of an additional crisis in addition to their basic crisis of securing gasoline. We can add to these observations from car repair shops whose owners confirm that they have begun to notice, after the gasoline scarcity crisis in the summer of 2021, and when dismantling the fuel pumps and tanks in cars, the presence of various substances in the form of black grease that causes blockage of the injectors or the fine fuel channels in the engines.

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