By searching his bags on an X-ray machine…this is what a passenger found in his possession at the airport! (picture)

Sphinx Airport Customs authorities, affiliated with the Central Customs Administration at Cairo International Airport, seized an Egyptian passenger in possession of a quantity of drugs listed on drug schedules.

Media outlets quoted sources as saying that during the completion of customs procedures for the passengers of the Wizz Air flight coming from Milan, “the airport customs authorities stopped one of the passengers while he was trying to leave the committee’s gate, and he denied possession of what should be disclosed, and searched his bags on an X-ray machine.” “It was found that there were medication containers inside the passenger’s luggage.”

The sources stated that the head of the department supervising the arrival hall at Sphinx Airport, Noura Al-Sayed Abdel Hamid, was assigned a task by the inspection personnel, which included manually searching the passenger’s bags, which resulted in “the seizure of 37 strips of drugs listed in tables, consisting of 16 strips of the drug (Pregabalin) 500 ml.” It contains 224 capsules, 4 strips of the same anesthetic drug containing 56 capsules, 17 strips of the anesthetic drug (OxyContin) containing 161 tablets.”

The sources added that the acting director of the Sphinx Airport Customs Administration, Hossam El-Din Abu Al-Fadl Shaqwir, “ordered the issuance of a customs seizure report No. 2 of 2024, after presenting it to the head of the Central Administration of Customs at Cairo International Airport, Maged Moussa, and the affiliated airports, who referred the passenger to the competent prosecution.” “.

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