A parliamentary response to a letter from the Minister of Justice…and talk about violations!

Representatives: Ibrahim Mneimneh, Melhem Khalaf, Paula Yacoubian, Najat Saliba, and Yassin Yassin issued a statement in which they affirmed their absolute solidarity with “our colleague Firas Hamdan in the face of the unfair practices that attempt to undermine the oversight role of MPs over the executive authority,” against the backdrop of a letter written by a minister. Justice to the House of Representatives announcing the boycott of the Ministry of Justice, represented by judges, of parliamentary committee sessions.

The statement stated:

First: What the minister’s letter contained, accusing Representative Firas Hamdan of personally insulting Judge Mona Hanqir and demanding that he apologize to her, comes outside the constitutional principles, in addition to being an attempt to distort the content of Representative Firas Hamdan’s statements, during the meeting of the Administration and Justice Committee – based on his legislative role – which was discussed by During it, a draft law related to the military court and its powers, presenting a realistic assessment of the work of this court and the scandalous political interference in its work, and its service to the system and its pillars by preserving all the files of torture and serious injuries inflicted on demonstrators during the October 17 revolution and in the demonstrations after the August 4 bombing, which resulted in poverty. Eyes and amputations, knowing that Judge Mona Hanqir, in her capacity as Assistant Government Commissioner to the Military Court at the time, preserved these files instead of filing a public lawsuit against all the perpetrators. Is stating a true, established fact considered a “personal insult”?! Is it required to withhold our legislative right to accountability and accountability?!

Second: In any case, the discussion about the military court and its powers is a legal and legal matter that affects all Lebanese, and what colleague Hamdan presented is recorded and clear in the minutes of the session and is difficult to alter, and most importantly, it is not subject to the supervision or “custodianship” of the Ministry/Minister of Justice.

Third: If the Minister of Justice is concerned about the prestige of the judiciary – and we expect him to do so – and sees that a scientific legal debate threatens it, we ask him: Where is this prestige in the face of dozens of violations, including torture cases, and what is the fate of the complaints of victims of gouged eyes? Why does this judiciary not dare to declare responsibility for those who committed these heinous crimes?!

Fourth: Let it be known that whoever despises the judiciary, Your Excellency Minister, is everyone who deems it permissible and allows the pillars of power to interfere in its work, and whoever obstructs the investigation into the Beirut Port bombing, and whoever does not lift a finger in the face of the scandalous violations committed by the former discriminatory public prosecutor. For the sake of justice and the law, he is everyone who conspires to smuggle wanted persons, he is everyone who remains silent about stealing depositors’ money, he is everyone who daily perpetuates the policy of impunity, and he is certainly not MP Firas Hamdan! It required clarification.”

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