Great appreciation.. The Minister of Information honored representatives

Information Minister Ziad Al-Makari honored in his office at the ministry a new group of stars who made the glory of Lebanon Television.

Bedaya received actress Wafaa Tarabay, accompanied by her son, colleague Walid Al-Rai, and presented her with the Lebanon Television shield, bearing the following: The icon of motherhood does not retire or retire. To Lebanon TV from Wafaa Tarabay. Our great appreciation.

Then he received the actor Samir Shams and gave him a shield on which was written: In eighty years of his life and in sixty years of his professionalism, he presented seventy series that enriched the nation’s screen. To the distinguished actor Samir Shams.

He also presented a shield to actress Elvira Younes, bearing: her father, Lebanon Television, and her mother, Lebanese Radio. All appreciation to veteran actress Elvira Younes. Minister of Information Ziad Al-Makari.

Then he called actress Jumana Sharaf El Din to check on her father, the movie star Fouad Sharaf El Din.

In turn, the veteran stars thanked the Minister of Information for his “genuine initiative as a gesture of loyalty to those who walked the path of loyalty.”

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