The Achrafieh crime…this is what the investigations revealed

The Achrafieh crime…this is what the investigations revealed

In a shocking incident that shook the Achrafieh area, investigations into Al-Sioufi’s crime this morning revealed the involvement of a maid of Syrian nationality, the mastermind of the heinous and brutal crime, called Zubaida Saleh Al-Salem. In a horrific killing operation in cooperation with an unknown gang composed of two Syrians. According to what was revealed, the maid was recruited through a well-known maid office called ATS office, and the service contract was for only one month, starting from March 16 to April 15, 2024.

In the details of the horrific crime, they planned to storm the house under the pretext of theft, as the gang forcefully stormed the house.

The owner of the house, Mr. Nazih Al-Turk, who suffers from a physical disability, was fatally stabbed and killed instantly.

The violence was not limited to that, but his wife, Mrs. Heba Bey Salam, who is the cousin of President Tammam Salam, was severely beaten and taken to the hospital in a critical condition.

Investigations are still ongoing to determine the motives behind this heinous crime, which sparked great shock and resentment in Beirut circles


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