The targeted building in Damascus was a military headquarters for the Revolutionary Guards

Israeli Army Radio said, on Monday evening, that the attack on the Syrian capital, Damascus, “did not target the Iranian embassy building, but rather a building adjacent to the embassy that served as the military headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard.”

The radio added: “In other words, whoever destroyed that building may have had accurate information about the military activity that was taking place there.”

Earlier Monday, Syrian media announced an Israeli bombing of a building in the Mezzeh neighborhood in the capital, Damascus, which led to damage to neighboring buildings.

For its part, the official Iranian “IRNA” agency reported that the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus was subjected to an Israeli missile attack.

The agency announced deaths and injuries as a result of the Israeli attack on the Tehran embassy buildings in Damascus, without specifying the number of victims.

Although Tel Aviv did not claim responsibility for the attack until 17:00 (UTG), Israeli Army Radio said that “all those killed in the attack were Iranian soldiers, who carried out military activity there for a long period of time.”

She added: “No Iranian diplomat was injured in the attack.”

The radio explained, “The attack resulted in the killing of Muhammad Reza Zahedi Mahdavi, who was responsible for directing Iranian terrorism towards Israeli territory from all arenas – Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian arena,” as it put it.

She continued: “Mahdavi was also the head of the Operations Division, the commander of the ground forces, and the commander of the air forces in the Revolutionary Guard. He was experienced and had great experience, and hence the importance of eliminating him.”

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