A solution to the “deposits issue”?

Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee, Representative Ibrahim Kanaan, confirmed that “the solution to the issue of deposits is by distributing responsibilities between the state, the Bank of Lebanon, and the banks, not in the manner of Lazard, by charging them completely to the banks, that is, to the depositors, thus bankrupting the banks and scaling up deposits, nor in the manner of the banks, by charging them to the state, which means completely bankrupting the state.” .

Kanaan added in an interview with OTV, “Resolving deposits begins with an impartial audit of bank assets here and abroad, as well as the state’s assets and revenues, and approving a plan that includes a real law for financial regulation, not an imaginary one, and a law to restructure the banking sector on the basis of impartial auditing.”

He continued, “We reject successive governments’ classification of deposits between eligible and ineligible, and the texts of their plans were “chopped” for depositors. Why were the state’s assets, revenues, and bank assets in Lebanon and abroad not audited so that we could know the reality, what remained, and what was transferred abroad?”

He added, “Ghada Aoun is a fighting and clean judge, and no one looks down on her regarding this issue. She implements the laws, and whoever criticizes her finds nothing wrong with her except her speaking to the media without permission, and there are those who do not want to implement the law because the angels of the contractor are in power.”

Kanaan pointed out, “We must go to the House of Representatives and elect a president according to the constitutional mechanism. It is not permissible to disrupt the election because it is a fundamental national and Christian entitlement that must not be evaded under any pretext or interest.”

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