Fuel prices.. this is what they are today!

The Ministry of Energy and Water issued a new price schedule for fuel and oil derivatives this morning. According to the new table, the price of a can of 95 octane gasoline decreased by 15 thousand Lebanese pounds, 98 octane gasoline by 14 thousand Lebanese pounds, and diesel by 5 thousand Lebanese pounds, while the price of a bottle of gas increased by 6 thousand Lebanese pounds.

According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Energy and Water, the dollar exchange rate for fuel was set at 89,700 Lebanese pounds for citizens wishing to pay in dollars.

The prices became as follows:

Category the price the difference
98 octane 1,644,000 14000 –
95 octane 1,605,000 15000 –
Diesel 1,423,000 5000 –
Gas 813,000 6000+
Prices are in Lebanese pounds

You can follow the price of the dollar and the prices of gold and fuel in Lebanon during the day, moment by moment, via this link – click here.


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