Elias Murr, in unusual statements…this is how he spoke about Hezbollah and Berri!

Former Minister Elias Murr said that he wanted to do something for Lebanon, noting that he was proud of his 7 years as head of Interpol. He said: “I miss Lebanon and it is time for me to do something for my country… and with regard to my presence at the head of Interpol, this has happened.” After I was elected by 197 countries, it was an honor for me.”

In an interview on Al-Jadeed TV, Al-Murr announced that he had submitted a request to the Ministry of the Interior with the aim of establishing a political movement under the name “Republic Movement.” He said: “My project is based on providing the needs of villages first in the Matn level and then in the Lebanon level, specifically the Christian areas.”

He continued: “During the past years, I learned international institutional work. If today I can offer my experience to my region and my country, this will be good. If I cannot, I have the ability to withdraw and I will launch the Republic Movement as soon as the war in Gaza and the south stops.”

In addition, Al-Murr pointed out that “the October 17 revolution was a real revolution only in the first week, but in the second week it began to take on a political character and derailed.”

In another context, Al-Murr said, “The Special International Tribunal for Lebanon issued a presumptive decision stating that members of Hezbollah attempted to assassinate him. He said, “However, I do not trust this court, nor am I an ally of Hezbollah.”

Regarding his relationship with the “Free Patriotic Movement,” Murr said that he “has no problem with the latter,” while revealing that he “does not trust the head of the Phalange Party, Sami Gemayel,” and added: “I do not advise my son Michel Murr to ally with the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, nor “I agree to that.”

He continued: “As for President Nabih Berri, we have a family and friendship relationship with him, and he has given us a lot over the past years and we will not abandon him.”


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