Al-Qasifi mourned Dr. Paul Gabriel Gemayel

The head of the Syndicate of Lebanese Press Editors, Joseph Al-Qasifi, mourned his friend Dr. Paul Gabriel Gemayel, who passed away after a long struggle with illness.

He said: “The beautiful Paul Gabriel was brought down by illness. He looked like an ancient, lofty oak, burdened with his pain, and he was the one who lived to guide people to healing. His white “robe” reflected the purity of his heart, which was never stained with hatred, and his scalpel was his most effective weapon in eradicating tumors and diseases, not tearing apart the nation’s body and planting it with scars. He was a heart that walked on two legs, and had nothing from the wreckage of his world except service that he provided without compensation to those who were in dire need of it. Departure will not be able to erase him from memory. Like a friend, he blossoms and grows, crossing the boundaries of time. On his forehead is a tattoo of rice. Meekness covers his face. Friendly on the nose. Saduq does not know malice, and does not speak two languages. At the time of the attack on dangerous Lebanon, and he entered the eye of the storm, facing a bad fate, he advanced the ranks, responding to the call, fighting in the uniform of a doctor, and a doctor in the uniform of a fighter. He did not scoop up any money, but rather a lot of dignity and pride. If we want to summarize Paul Gemayel, we will not find a better word than “human” to refer to him and define the features of his personality. Paul quickly spread his wings, longing to meet his beloved Joyce after her long absence, and his nostalgia filled him with joy, leaving us to send tears of sadness and sorrow, for whoever was like him would cry for him.“.

He concluded: “May God have mercy on Paul Al-Jamil, “Sheikh Al-Awadem,” as much as he deserves, and he is. Condolences to his family and many lovers.”

(local agency)

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