Advanced equipment for Hezbollah.. Where is it located?

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth claimed that Hezbollah is obtaining advanced combat equipment from Iran that is being assembled in Syria.

A newspaper report translated it “Lebanon 24” Regarding the Israeli attack that targeted the city of Aleppo, on the night of Thursday-Friday, he said: “The question now is how will Syria and Hezbollah react to that strike.” There are expectations that there will be tense days at the border with Lebanon on the one hand and at the border with Syria on the other hand. However, the Iranians and Syrians do not want a major war with Israel, but the large number of casualties in a single incident, such as the Aleppo strike that killed more than 43 people, increases the risk of a war on a larger scale, and all of this is happening against Israel.

The report said that the Iranians and Syrians are partners of Hezbollah during its ongoing war against Israel for more than 5 months, and added: “Currently, the Iranian regime is making great efforts to compensate Hezbollah for the assets that the Israeli Air Force is destroying, especially in the south and the Bekaa region.”

The report explained that the Israeli attacks targeted the drone warehouses located in the Baalbek area, noting that the Israeli Air Force worked to destroy the interceptor missile batteries in the possession of “Hezbollah” to influence the Israeli aircraft and endanger their freedom of operation.

“Yedioth Ahronoth” says that these attacks carried out by the Israeli army aim to reduce the combat capabilities of “Hezbollah” in preparation for the outbreak of a comprehensive war with Israel, and he added: “The party will use its full arsenal during any battle, which includes missiles, drones, and cruise missiles.” Its goal is to strike the Israeli depths. As for Tel Aviv, it will resort to the Air Force, which needs freedom of action to reduce the damage that will affect Israeli territory as quickly as possible.

The report explains that what Iran is trying to do is to restore Hezbollah’s offensive and defensive air system and even strengthen it towards the possibility of a comprehensive war. It said: “Iran sends Hezbollah the equipment and spare parts it provides to it by land, while the equipment It also reaches Hezbollah by air.”

Translation of “Lebanon 24”


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