Tajikistan arrests 9 people in connection with the Moscow attack

The Tajik authorities arrested 9 people, on Friday, in connection with the terrorist attack on a concert hall in the Russian capital, Moscow..

Local media reported, citing police, that Tajik intelligence arrested 9 people living in the city of Vahdat in connection with the terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow on March 22..

The media reported that the detainees were suspected of belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS.

She added that Tajik police officers, along with their Russian counterparts, interrogated relatives of 4 Tajik citizens in the country, who were arrested after the attack..

In the latest toll, the Russian authorities announced that the death toll had risen to 144 as a result of the attack that occurred last Friday in a concert hall in Moscow..

Although ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, the head of the Federal Security Service, Alexander Bortnikov, accused the United States, Britain, and Ukraine of being behind it..

The Federal Security Service reported in a statement the arrest of 11 people, including 4 terrorists directly involved in the attack, and that efforts are continuing to identify their accomplices..


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