An agricultural disaster that will face the potato season: “Save the season”!

A number of agricultural activists and bodies in Akkar called for a meeting in the office of the head of the Cooperative Association of Potato Growers in the Akkar Plain, Omar Saeed Al-Hayek. It included the head of the Farmers’ Union branch in Akkar, Abdul Hamid Saqr, and a number of bodies. The participants discussed the crisis facing the potato season and ways to market it despite the overcrowding. Markets with Egyptian potatoes.

The meeting issued a statement in which they pointed out that “last year, farmers suffered a major disaster as a result of the recession of Egyptian potatoes in the markets as a result of the wrong agricultural policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, and instead of the Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Al-Hajj Hassan, remediing the repercussions of last year’s disaster, he renewed the disaster by allowing the import of 72 thousand tons on paper, meaning an increase of ten thousand tons over last year under the pretext of the agricultural calendar, knowing that the former ministers of agriculture were holding meetings and agreements with farmers and the Egyptian side to determine the quantities according to the market need, which does not exceed 50 thousand tons between food and industrial.”

The statement appealed to Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati “to work by all means to save the seasons in Akkar by finding solutions to export production abroad and compensate farmers who are suffering.”

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