An exciting indicator… Lebanon is a country of paradoxes!

The Canadian economic website “Visual Capitalist” published some of the data of the American “Kimberly Process” organization for the year 2022, in addition to statistics prepared by Ashok Damaruprashad, a specialist in diamonds and precious metals who resides in South Africa, numbers about the countries that most produce and import diamonds in the world, and it was noteworthy that Lebanon occupied… It ranks second in the Arab world and eighth in the world for importing diamonds.”

In this context, the economic expert and member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Anis Abu Diab, confirmed in an interview with “Lebanon Debate” that “Lebanon is a country of paradoxes, and if we see the volume of exports of jewelry, goods, or materials related to jewelry and diamonds, it occupies a basic item in the country. Because the national jewelry industry is well prepared.”

Abu Diab believes that “this type of import is mostly for re-export rather than import for internal uses, and this is something known historically in Lebanon, especially since one of the most important export items in Lebanon is jewelry, the size of which is roughly estimated at about a billion or a billion and a half.” Dollars, and generally the export destination is Switzerland.”

Abu Diab explains, “The import process for types of diamonds, gold, and jewelry is for operation and re-export, and we must take into account the cash economy, and there may be people who have a desire to save to preserve their money through the acquisition of jewelry, including diamonds, and as we also know, there is a layer of The wealthy constitute about 3 or 4%, so it is possible to carry out this type of import process.”

Abu Diab points out that “the large percentage of imports of diamonds will not affect the economic scene, but this matter is considered exciting in terms of the fact that there is a percentage of 86% of the Lebanese society that cannot reach its basic needs, so for Lebanon to occupy second place in the Arab world and eighth in the world is not an easy matter.” “.

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