Preliminary talks.. What is America planning regarding Gaza?

The administration of US President Joe Biden is holding “preliminary talks” regarding options aimed at achieving stability after the Gaza war, including a proposal for the Pentagon to help fund a multinational force or a Palestinian peacekeeping team, according to what the American magazine “Politico” reported.

Two Pentagon officials, as well as other American officials, all of whom asked the magazine not to reveal their identities, said that the options being studied in the closed diplomatic and military negotiations will not include the deployment of American forces on the ground.

Instead, US Department of Defense funding will go toward meeting the force’s security needs and supplementing assistance from other countries.

In this context, a senior US administration official said: “We are working with partners on different scenarios for interim rule and security structures in Gaza, once the crisis ends,” without giving specific details, but he added: “We held several conversations with the Israelis and our partners regarding the main elements for the next day.” In Gaza, when the time is right.”

Likewise, informed sources revealed to Al-Sharq that representatives of the group of six Arab countries handed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a political paper that constitutes the basis for ending Israel’s war on Gaza.

Politico expected that a long time would pass, perhaps weeks or months, before Washington and its partners agreed on any plan, indicating the desire of regional actors to see an international commitment to the two-state solution, before seriously engaging in the available options. (Al-Sharq News)

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