The Security Council is not Abu Al-Abd’s cafe (video)

Palestine’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, said that the UN Security Council’s decision to immediately stop the war in Gaza means Israel’s isolation, its rebellion against legitimacy, and its violation of the terms of its membership in the international organization.

Speaking to the “Best Saying” program via RT Arabic, Mansour stressed that “the issue is not what Israel says, the issue is what the Security Council will do in imposing its decisions and implementing them, especially against Israel, which is rebelling against it,” indicating that “Israel lost the battle and we and the international community are the winners.” This was also evident in the adoption of the resolution.”

He believed, “We succeeded in the first chapter of the battle, which is the adoption of the resolution that the United States was obstructing during the past five months, and when it was unable to obstruct it and agreed to pass it, now we move to the second step, which is for the Security Council to use the tools available to it, which are provided by the United Nations Charter, to force Israel.” We must adhere to the demand for an immediate ceasefire.”

Regarding the insistence of the American representative in the Security Council on including in the resolution the expression “stable ceasefire” and rejecting the word “permanent,” Mansour said: “We ultimately agreed on lasting ceasefire, and in the Arabic language lasting means permanent, meaning permanent,” indicating that “in terms of language In Arabic, there is no difference between lasting and permanent because in Arabic these two words mean permanent.”

He stressed that “the basis for the resolution is an immediate ceasefire and 14 countries voted in favor of it. The demand that the world and the hundreds of millions who took to the streets demonstrating every day is the demand for an immediate ceasefire and the resolution states that clearly as it says ‘demand an immediate’. ceasefire What is required now is to force Israel to commit to this.”

He added: “The Security Council is not Abu Al-Abd’s café where we come to chat, drink tea and coffee, adopt resolutions or not, and go home. The Security Council is the highest body in the world concerned with international peace and security. Therefore, when this resolution is adopted, it must be implemented in accordance with Paragraph 25 of the Charter,” considering that “the defeated are trying to circumvent the resolution with different words. This means diminishing the Security Council and harming its credibility. We respect the Council and its important role in preserving International peace and security and ridding peoples of the scourge of war.”

Mansour stressed, “We are working to avert a second catastrophe by displacement, perhaps to the Sinai desert.” There is a collective responsibility not to allow the Israeli occupation authority and its army to impose this option that Israel dreams of achieving, as well as to confront the attempts of this extremist fascist government led by Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel to invade Rafah.”

He said: “The International Court of Justice once again renewed Israel’s demand to allow humanitarian access and prevent genocide. Israel threatens Ms. Francesca Benizza, Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine. Israel itself killed more than 170 UNRWA employees, who are United Nations employees. Israel will not hesitate not only to threaten, but to implement on the ground,” he thanked “the Republic of South Africa for taking the genocide file to the highest court in the world, which issued seven Temporary precautionary decisions, which I called on Israel to adhere to and to submit a report on their implementation within a month.”

Mansour expressed his country’s appreciation for the Arab countries that support UNRWA, saying: “Four countries paid the following amounts: Qatar 25 million, the UAE 20 million, Saudi Arabia 45 million, Iraq 25 million dollars, meaning that four Arab countries have so far paid more than a hundred million dollars.” Aid to the agency,” warning that “the danger to UNRWA now is political because Israel, which wants to displace the Palestinian people and do the same thing in the West Bank and Jerusalem, wants to destroy UNRWA because it symbolizes several issues, and one of the most important issues that it symbolizes is the right of refugees to return, and therefore Israel wants to destroy this part of our national rights by destroying all of our national rights and canceling the Palestinian issue and for there to be no political presence that exercises the right to self-determination between the river and the sea.” (RT)


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