Egypt.. News about the appointment of one or more deputies for Sisi after taking the constitutional oath

Egyptian Parliament member and media figure Mustafa Bakri reported that there is information about the possibility of appointing one or more vice presidents for the Egyptian president according to Article 150 of the Constitution.

Bakri said, while presenting the “Facts and Secrets” program on “Sada El Balad” satellite channel, that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will raise the Egyptian flag over the new administrative capital next Tuesday, noting that the government is expected to submit its resignation after the president takes the constitutional oath.

The Egyptian journalist added that all governors are expected to resign, stressing that a large number of ministers will leave the ministry who have not achieved anything new.

Article 150 bis of the Egyptian Constitution stipulates that “The President of the Republic may appoint one or more deputies, determine their powers, delegate some of his powers to them, relieve them of their positions, and accept their resignations.” (RT)

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