Yemeni Socotra.. Will it be the new center for American bases?

The Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya” published a report, in which it talked about the Pentagon’s denial of the United States’ decision to deploy forces in the Yemeni Socotra Archipelago as part of the fight against the Ansar Allah “Houthi” movement.

A week ago, a source reported that the American command decided to deploy its military forces in the Yemeni archipelago located near the Arabian Peninsula. According to Sky News Arabia, such a need arose against the backdrop of the intensified attacks launched by the United States and Britain on the sites of the Houthi Ansar Allah movement, which began in January in response to the threat to shipping.

Sky News Arabia sources in the American military establishment reported that the concept of deployment in Socotra comes in light of Saudi Arabia preventing American fighter aircraft from using its airspace during operations against Ansar Allah.

Riyadh’s position was likely influenced by explicit warnings from Ansar Allah, which in these years decided to end the protracted armed confrontation with Saudi Arabia, by agreeing to peace agreements.

The newspaper reported that a limited number of American special forces are already present in Yemen.

With regard to ensuring the safety of maritime navigation, Socotra is a point of strategic importance, and is within the area of ​​influence of the Southern Transitional Council. Socotra is engaged in an equally confrontational relationship with both the central government in Sanaa and the Houthis. At the same time, the Transitional Council is generally a military-political force that the UAE relies on, although this conflicts with Saudi Arabia’s policy. (Arabi 21)

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