Will the presidential vacancy push Christians towards the idea of ​​partition?

Nour Nehme wrote in “Al-Diyar”: The internal tension and conflict that is taking place around the first presidency, not to mention the impact of any development or regional event in the presidential file in particular, has made the presidential entitlement a difficult, complex and complex task, and the election of the only Christian president of the republic in this East now requires a settlement. Regional and international to achieve this.

In this context, France sent its former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to discuss the presidential issue, and work to overcome obstacles and bring viewpoints closer between the Lebanese parties. Unfortunately, it did not reach a fruitful result, and the reason is that not all political forces have a national decision, and not all of them are subject to sovereignty. To the outside.
Recently, the “Five-Year Committee” is trying to break through the presidential stalemate by proposing the third option, as a consensual solution that would end the vertical division occurring between the Lebanese political parties, but so far all these efforts have not changed the prevailing political reality.
Thus, a year and a half wasted due to the possibility of electing a president, as several political forces treated the presidential file selfishly and personally, so all attempts and initiatives to prevent Lebanon from being left without a leader failed.
This is the naked and painful truth that Christians in Lebanon are witnessing. Will things remain as they are in the absence of a President of the Republic? Or will it escalate more and more among the political forces, and turn into an explosion in the street?
Disregarding the First Presidency and the concerns of Christians is not a healthy thing, and the repercussions of this issue will affect all components of Lebanese society, and the voices calling for federalism will increase among the Christian component, and may reach ideas of division.

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