Haredi recruitment crisis…a new request from Netanyahu to the Supreme Court

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Israel’s Supreme Court on Thursday to extend the government’s March deadline to develop a new conscription plan that would address widespread anger over exemptions granted to religious Jews, known as Haredim.

The decades-old debate has become a particularly sensitive issue at a time when Israeli forces, made up mostly of young conscripts and civilians mobilized into reserve forces, have been waging a nearly six-month war in Gaza to try to eliminate Hamas.

In a letter to the Supreme Court published by Netanyahu’s office, the Prime Minister said that he had “made significant progress on the draft plan,” but requested an extension of 30 days in order to formulate agreements.
He said that the war against Hamas militants has dominated the government’s attention and is now at a decisive stage.

The court suspends government support for religious Jews of military age
The Supreme Court has not yet responded to Netanyahu’s request, but it separately ruled to suspend government support for religious Jews of military age who study in religious institutes instead of performing military service, as of April 1.

The two ultra-Orthodox parties in Netanyahu’s national-religious coalition, United Torah Judaism and Shas, denounced and pledged to fight for what they saw as their voters’ “right” to remain in yeshivas, but stopped short of threatening to withdraw from the government.

Intensifying the pressure, Attorney General Gali Bahrav Meara wrote in a memorandum to the court that she saw no legal basis to postpone the imposition of mandatory conscription for religious Jews any longer.

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