What awaits you will surprise you

Sonia Rizk wrote in Al-Diyar: The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, knows very well that the dismissal of MP Alain Aoun from the Movement will not go well, but will bring him trouble from the Aounists. Sources within the “Movement,” which are very close to MP Bassil, indicate that the decision to dismiss Aoun is being quietly studied, but fear of its repercussions is delaying the decision, according to leaks circulating a few days ago, behind the scenes of opponents and those expelled from the “Movement,” that an uprising is preparing against Bassil, in If Representative Aoun is fired. It was reported that a former MP was strongly inciting the opposition group belonging to the “Historical Line,” which includes veteran leaders of the “Movement,” to carry out this mission, noting that one of them sent a verbal message to Bassil: “What awaits him will come as a surprise to him.” In addition, Representative Aoun was quoted as saying that the “current” lacked democratic performance, and he considered that the decision to dismiss him bore the official signature. In the context, former Aounist representatives report that Representative Aoun constitutes an opponent of Bassil because within the party framework he can win the presidency of the “current” if he runs, and therefore he was not encouraged to run this experiment, while in the future nothing will prevent him because he enjoys very good relations with the cadres, partisans, and Aounist voters. In the Baabda district, he also plays the role of mediator and rapprochement with political authorities, including the Aounist relationship, which has become somewhat positive with Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri. In a different context, Representative Bassil’s sources indicate that the recommendation to expel Representative Aoun came after a statement he made, commenting on the expulsion of some representatives from the “Movement,” saying: “If I had been head of the Movement, I would not have taken decisions to expel,” which upset Representative Basil. Many times, however, he assured the mediators who intervened to remove this completely rejected internal dispute that he was ready to reconsider the decision and think at length before issuing it, but what is required of everyone is to adhere to the decisions and policies of the “current” and regarding the meeting that brought together Representative Aoun and his uncle, President Aoun, the aforementioned sources said. “The meeting was a family meeting and did not reach a final solution to the dispute. President Aoun also insists that the representatives and officials adhere to the decisions of the “current,” and this is what he is known for because he rejects chaos.”


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