He described it as outrageous… The Spanish Foreign Minister denounces an Israeli video set to flamenco tunes

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez on Sunday denounced a video clip published by his Israeli counterpart to flamenco tunes claiming that the “Hamas” movement is grateful to Spain, describing it as “outrageous and disgusting.”

The video clip, which was published by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz on the “Kass” platform on Sunday, says: “Hamas: Thank you, Spain.”

The video shows the Spanish flag and then a man and woman dancing to the tunes of flamenco music, interspersed with video footage of Hamas fighters and people fleeing during the October 7 attack.

“We will not fall into provocations,” Manuel Albarez said at a press conference in Brussels. “The video is outrageous and disgusting.”

He added: “It is a scandal because the whole world, including my colleague in Israel, knows that Spain condemned Hamas’ actions from the first moment and it is terrible to use a symbol of Spanish culture for such a heinous purpose.”

For her part, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles on Saturday described the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip as a “true genocide.”

The Israeli embassy in Madrid responded to Robles’ comments in a statement published Saturday on the X website, in which it said: “We regret that Robles supports Hamas’ false and baseless narrative. Israel is fighting in Gaza in accordance with international law, in a war launched by Hamas on the 7th of Last October.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously announced to Spanish representatives that “Spain will recognize the Palestinian state” on May 28. (Sky News)


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