He remembers Egypt, the land of his father.. Alaa Mubarak attacks Kushner

Alaa Mubarak, son of the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, attacked the statements of Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior advisor to former US President Donald Trump.
Kushner had proposed evacuating the displaced Palestinians in Gaza to the Negev Desert in southern Israel or to Egypt.

Alaa Mubarak said: “A shocking and provocative statement that raises emotions and ignores the rights of the Palestinian people and is far from achieving a peaceful and just solution that guarantees security, peace and stability for the region. This is the words of a political teenager when he says that the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state is a bad idea and that the waterfront in Gaza is an investment opportunity!” .

Mubarak continued: “Despicable statements that came in light of the crimes of murder, destruction and genocide carried out by the occupation forces against the Palestinians and in front of an international community paralyzed and unable to stop these massacres. The spoiled child came out arrogantly talking about the process of removing the largest number of people from Gaza, cleaning it and transporting them to the Negev.” Or Egypt and building high-value real estate on its waterfront as if it were his father’s land!!.”

He continued: “The Democratic representative from the state of Virginia criticized this statement and described it as: “hateful talk beyond imagination and ethnic cleansing at its worst, and his talk about exploiting the waterfront in Gaza as if it were a piece of land in an American state that he wants to develop while there are 31,000 Palestinians killed.” “It is disgusting and beyond contempt.”

Kushner had considered, in statements during a symposium at Harvard University, which took place on March 8, the details of which were published over the past few days, that the waterfront in the Gaza Strip might be “extremely valuable.”

He said, “The situation is unfortunate there, but if I were in Israel’s place, I would do my best to move people and end things,” noting that “talk about establishing a Palestinian state would be a reward for a terrorist act,” referring to the October 7 attack. (Russia Today)

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