This is why Hezbollah needs the steadfastness of the people of Rmeish

Whoever knows well the people of the Rmeish border and the extent of their attachment to the land of their ancestors, like many of the people of other border villages, who insist on remaining there despite the daily Israeli attacks they are exposed to, knows that their objection to Hezbollah members installing a rocket launching pad on the hills supervisor of their town for fear of being exposed to Israeli attacks. It was not a frivolous objection to the operations carried out by the “Islamic Resistance” against the Israeli enemy, especially if these operations were launched from uninhabited areas in order to avoid any treacherous Israeli response. Rather, the objection was limited to the attempt to launch rockets from the hills. Supervising their town to preserve the safety of the people, who resist Israel by remaining steadfast in their land.

What happened in Rmeish may happen in any other border town whose residents see that danger is inevitably coming to them from an enemy that will not have mercy on children, the elderly, or women, just as it did not have mercy on them in the Gaza Strip. He will certainly continue targeting the villages from which missiles are launched, and he basically does not need any excuse to bomb civilians. This is what happened in the town of Hebariya. But the prevailing logic among the people of the border towns, including the town of Rmeish, says, “Return from evil and Ghanilo,” and therefore, if you do not “move” the wasps’ poker, they will most likely not attack those who do not “move” them. This is what actually happened between the year 2006 and specifically before October 8, 2023. This does not mean that Israel is a “guardian angel,” but that it takes its interests into account before any other interest. This is what prevented her from committing any assault for 18 years.
These confrontations between “Hezbollah” and the enemy army are still the subject of widespread debate in the internal political arena, as the Lebanese are naturally divided between supporters of the work of the “Islamic Resistance” in the manner of “Nasser is your brother, whether he is unjust or oppressed,” and opponents of the “unity of the arenas” equation. He linked the fate of Lebanon to the fate of Gaza, and the last objector was the “Free Patriotic Movement.”

However, Hezbollah’s media relations resorted to categorically denying what it called “the false and biased news that was circulated in the media about the attempt of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance to launch missiles at the Zionist enemy from within the town of Rmeish, from the vicinity of its school, or from the vicinity of The town in general,” stressing that it is “false and fabricated news that has absolutely no basis in truth.” It brought the research back to square one, especially since the media relations statement described “the parties that insisted and continue to insist on spreading these false rumors and taking positions on their basis” as “slanderous and inciting.” On the strife between the Lebanese and working in the service of the enemy and its goals, whether you know it or not.”
Hezbollah’s statement prompts those concerned to demand that the state conduct an accurate and objective investigation into what happened and verify the facts, and thus reveal the complete truth, in order to remove all doubt with certainty and put things in the right perspective. However, if the truth remains unclear and clear, some people tend to draw conclusions. It may not be objective. It will increase the state of tension between the people and the Mujahideen of the “Islamic Resistance,” just as happened in the town of Shuya before the events of October 8, when the people confiscated a launcher that was preparing to launch rockets from outside their town.

Whatever developments may arise on the ground as a result of not putting the dots on the truth about what happened in Rmeish, will of course not be in the interest of any party to the dispute, especially Hezbollah, which needs the steadfastness of the people of Rmeish and the Christian villages more than it needs… The steadfastness of the people of the Shiite villages, in order to appear as a defender of all Lebanese and not of one group or another. However, those who read the media relations statement and the accusations it contained against “slanderous parties that incite strife among the Lebanese and work in the service of the enemy and its goals, whether you know it or not,” read it only from its political angle, as it is an indirect response to the “opposition” campaigns against The “party” confiscated the decision on war and peace.

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