“It has had enough.” Ireland intends to join South Africa in the genocide lawsuit against Israel

Ireland announced its intention to join the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel, stressing that it is “fed up” with Israeli practices.

Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin, when announcing this step, said that although the international court will decide whether genocide occurred or not, he wants to make clear that what is happening in Gaza now represents a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law on a large scale. .

He added: “The deliberate withholding of humanitarian aid from civilians, the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, the indiscriminate use of explosive materials in populated areas, the use of civilian facilities for military purposes, and the collective punishment of an entire people.” The list goes on. This must stop. The international community’s point of view is clear. fed up”.

Martin did not mention the form the intervention would take or specify what argument or proposal his country intends to put forward, but he added that the step was determined after legal and political analysis and consultation with a number of partners, including South Africa.

Last January, the Court of Justice ordered Israel to refrain from any actions that might fall under the scope of the Genocide Convention, and to ensure that its forces do not commit acts of genocide against the Palestinians, after a lawsuit filed by South Africa regarding Israel committing genocide crimes in Gaza.

It may take years for a final ruling to be issued in the case. (RT)

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