The axis decided to escalate on the support fronts… and this is the party’s share in Lebanon

Muhammad Alloush wrote in “Al-Diyar”: Few of the targets that the “Israelis” struck outside the scope of the villages south of the Litani River, and for this there are calculations related to the size and area of ​​the war and the estimate and depth of the response. According to the sources, most of the targets are far from the villages south of the Litani River, which had been evacuated. There were no major losses for the resistance, noting that listing all these data is necessary to talk about the scale of the resistance’s response, and what is expected in the coming days.

The more the “Israelis” escalate, the more the party’s escalation in Lebanon increases, and perhaps this equation is not clear to many, because the size of the party’s escalation is not clear in terms of the depth of the strikes, but it is very clear in terms of the quality of the strikes with regard to the “Israelis” and the recent operation on the Meron base. Air force was an example.

What is new, according to the sources, is what was agreed upon in the last “axis” meeting held in Beirut, where it was an emphasis on moving towards escalation in the event that the negotiation process faltered and a truce was reached that would end the war, and so it was, noting that the decision to escalate affects all support fronts from Lebanon. To Yemen and Iraq, and in the past few hours it has been clear that the number of Islamic resistance operations in Iraq has increased, and the operations carried out by the Houthis at sea have increased, so what about Lebanon?

As for Lebanon, the resistance will not be outside the decision to escalate, but within the calculations that Hezbollah has been working on since entering the war, and the sources reveal that among the resistance’s decisions to escalate is “intensifying the volume of strikes on the sites and destroying them further,” which is what the resistance did in the hours The past in more than one “Israeli” location, in addition to the intensification of launching “Katyusha” rockets into the settlements near the border. At an advanced stage, the type of missiles used in operations may change, and this stage may not be far away, according to the sources, who stress that the resistance continues to escalate the quality of its operations, the latest of which is targeting “Iron Dome platforms” that are subject to significant attrition, as the resistance often launches Simple missiles that are not included in the calculations of its missile arsenal, just for the sake of depleting Iron Dome and its missiles.

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