Is there a security chaos that is reshuffling the cards?

Michel Nasr wrote in “Al Diyar”:

These days, the security concern overwhelms other issues, from the southern border confrontations to internal fears, which is clearly evident in the undeclared state of emergency that the country is experiencing and the exceptional measures taken on the occasion of the holiday season, which has increased the pace of “proactive security” by the Lebanese agencies. Which conducted a periodic evaluation of the outcome of its work at the meeting of the Central Security Council in the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and the subsequent words of Minister Mawlawi, after a wave of “dissatisfaction” with the lack of necessary coordination between some agencies and the conflict of their work, in light of unacceptable competition in what is required for integration, especially in Under current circumstances.

These fears were reinforced, according to ministerial sources, by the explosive regional situation, with “Israeli” escaping forward as expected, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the consensus of intelligence reports that extremist organizations, led by “ISIS”, are reorganizing their ranks, taking advantage of the Sunni push left by the war. “Al-Aqsa Flood”, as part of its preparations to launch operations, Moscow may be the first stage of it.

In this context, the sources expressed their fear that the country is facing a new chapter of terrorist operations, amid fears of a plan to follow a pattern of limited but focused and mobile operations, which is what the security and government authorities have taken into account, expressing their belief that the security and military agencies and forces It has demonstrated extensive ability in the proactive field of terrorist operations throughout the past period, despite the setbacks it has faced, by arresting many sleeper cells and “stray” elements of more than one nationality, without this obscuring the seriousness of the new challenges that appear as terrorists adopt different methods, making The confrontation arena is open to more additional surprises.

Ministerial sources indicate that the greatest fear lies in the success of terrorist organizations in dragging the services into a war of attrition that they cannot bear, in light of the general circumstances that the country is going through and the tasks assigned to them in operations to maintain internal security. Note that some “Israeli” targeting operations during the recent period showed the deaths of people who fought alongside terrorists in the north, in addition to the presence of some foreigners who entered illegally.

However, what is most dangerous remains what was revealed by a senior political authority, indicating that dangerous information has been reported from regional authorities about a plan to create security chaos, taking advantage of the tense political situation, reinforced by the remarkable diplomatic demonstration towards Beirut these days, which, although it reflects positive aspects in terms of Lebanon’s occupancy of the rank It is now high on the priorities of the international community, but it also reflects negative aspects that should be read carefully in terms of fears for Lebanese stability, despite the reassurance expressed by ministerial sources, who say that there is no incubating environment for terrorist groups in Lebanon, and that the security situation is under control, while efforts are being made. To establish security stability through security plans that will be implemented successively.

The ambassador of a Western country in Lebanon confirmed to those he met that the international umbrella protecting Lebanese stability is still effective despite the holes it has inflicted, awaiting regional breakthroughs to break the torrent of its accumulated crises and ward off the dangers emanating from it, as a result of its being severely affected by the changes surrounding it, pointing to a serious and firm international decision. Not to drag Lebanon into the “regional holocaust.”

The Lebanese habit has become to link the achievement of every entitlement in Lebanon with a security shock that precedes it, from the experience of May 7, through the mobile security bombings, all the way to the battles of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh, which disappeared from the internal scene with magical magic, which raises many questions and answers that are almost impossible. It’s all speculation and analysis, whatever the explanation for what happened and is happening.

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