The Prime Minister of Italy in Lebanon and a bilateral understanding on the implementation of 1701

The arrival of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Beirut, as one of the highest-ranking figures making an official visit to Lebanon in light of the presidential vacuum, added more apprehension regarding the extremely dangerous situation surrounding Lebanon, given that Italy is fully concerned with the explosive situation in the south, where it has one of the largest military battalions participating in the force. “UNIFIL”. Meloni’s arrival came amidst a bloody escalation in the escalating Israeli raids on the southern regions after raids in the depths, especially in the Bekaa.

An-Nahar quoted political sources as saying that Lebanon, which was absent from the UN resolution for a ceasefire, was not absent from the American efforts led by envoy Amos Hochstein to ensure measures accompanying the ceasefire. The matter is not limited to a fragile truce that is at risk of collapsing in a record short time. The visit of the Italian Prime Minister, who landed in Lebanon yesterday, comes in this context, as the objectives of her visit go beyond reassuring the unity of her country operating within the international forces in the south (UNIFIL), to discuss contributing to future security measures at the airport and the port that were previously proposed behind the scenes, in terms of French units will monitor the border with Israel, while Italian units will monitor and ensure that weapons do not enter by air or sea.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni held talks at the Grand Palace in the evening at the beginning of Meloni’s visit. After the meeting, a statement was issued in which Presidents Mikati and Meloni “expressed their satisfaction with UN Security Council Resolution No. 2728 calling for a ceasefire in Gaza during the holy month of Ramadan, and expressed their aspiration for it to be implemented and for it to turn into a sustainable ceasefire.” The discussion also touched on Security Council resolutions related to the region and Lebanon, where the Prime Minister reiterated Lebanon’s commitment to fully implementing all its international resolutions, especially Resolution 1701, and the necessity of Israel to commit to implementing it fully and stopping its attacks on Lebanon’s sovereignty on land, sea and air. He expressed his deep sadness and condemnation of the death of seven paramedics in #south Lebanon at dawn today as a result of the Israeli aggression. The research also touched on the issue of displaced Syrians in Lebanon and illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean region.

Both parties agreed on the necessity of concerted international efforts and coordination between the two countries, and with Europe in general, to reduce this phenomenon and explore solutions that help reach a sustainable solution to the issue of the displaced.

The Prime Minister also thanked his Italian counterpart for her country’s continued support for the army and strengthening its capabilities to enable it to carry out all the tasks assigned to it.

He believed that Italy’s permanent contribution to the UNIFIL forces is an affirmation of Italy’s commitment to Lebanon’s safety and stability and the preservation of its territorial integrity.

The two presidents stressed the necessity of accelerating the election of a new president of the republic, which is essential for implementing the required economic reforms and launching the wheel of economic advancement.

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