A blow to the hoof and a blow to the nail.. Geagea: I will not commit injustice against Basil

The head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, said that “the intention of the ‘Ambassadors of the Five’ is serious, but they have no ability to cause a breach,” stressing that we have no objection to discussing the name of a third candidate if he is the solution, provided that he has the characteristics of former Minister Jihad Azour.

Geagea said in a television interview this evening, “Lebanon is experiencing widespread problems because the resistance group accuses the Christian factions of obstruction, and this is not true because we agreed on a disobedience.”

He added: “There is a Christian group that has participated in power partially, whether partially or completely, for more than 15 years, namely the Free Patriotic Movement, and “nothing has come out of it,” considering that “the solution lies in gathering other Christian forces that are already close and agree on a unified opinion regarding the position.” The current “is heading somewhere else.”

Geagea continued: “There is no historical line for the Free Patriotic Movement, and I do not accuse its president, Gebran Bassil,” pointing out that “the movement was able in the early 1990s to destroy the only free zone in Lebanon and kill about 1,000 people under the slogan of ‘unifying the rifle.’”

He also considered that “the dialogue table of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is nothing more than a distraction,” and was surprised by “the failure to adopt the constitutional mechanism to accomplish the presidential entitlement, while it is adhered to during the elections for the presidency of the Parliament and the nomination of the prime minister.”

Regarding the southern war, he said: “The southern war has cost approximately 350 Lebanese dead so far, a billion dollars in direct losses, and another billion in indirect losses. Who bears responsibility?” He considered that “this is the best time to demand the disarmament of Hezbollah and its handover to the army.” This period has proven that it is useless.”

Regarding Basil’s positions regarding this war, he said: “Basil is a hit on the hoof and a hit on the nail regarding his position on the war in the south.”

In addition, when addressing the relationship with Saudi Arabia, Geagea pointed out that “Saudi Arabia’s approach to foreign files has changed since the accession of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, such that it no longer desires to interfere in the internal details of countries.”

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