Who will succeed my president if his death is confirmed after the helicopter crash?

Today, Iran is living under the influence of conflicting reports, between optimism and pessimism about the fate of the Iranian president, whose helicopter apparently crashed in a difficult mountainous area in Iran, while returning from East Azerbaijan province, after attending the inauguration ceremony of a joint dam with the neighbor, Azerbaijan.

In addition to President Ibrahim Al-Raisi, mystery also surrounds the fate of Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian, who accompanied him on his official visit, before the plane apparently crashed in a remote, mountainous area, today surrounded by dense fog, hail, and rain, which hampered search operations and rescue attempts. Which stopped in the evening due to the weather.

While waiting to know the outcome of the accident and the fate of the president, observers wondered about the fate of the presidential position in the country, and who would occupy it after the departure of President Raisi, if it was confirmed that the helicopter actually crashed and its passengers could not be saved, especially after search and rescue attempts stopped.

However, the Iranian Constitution includes an article about “vacancy” as a result of dismissal, incapacity for more than two consecutive months, or sudden death, which is Article 131, which stipulates that the First Vice President, after the approval of the Leader, shall assume the presidency, provided that a council consisting of the Speaker of Parliament and the Speaker of Parliament shall act. The judicial authority and the First Vice President of the Republic must take all measures to ensure the election of a new president of the country, within a maximum period of 50 days.

If the worst scenario is confirmed, and the current president, Ibrahim Raisi, disappears, or is forced to abandon his duties due to injury or illness, for example, his first deputy since 2021, Mohamed Mokhber, will assume his position during the transitional period of fifty days.

An informant, a former banking official, and former deputy governor of Khuzestan, was chosen by Ebrahim Raisi as first deputy after his victory in the presidential elections in Iran, which were held in 2021.

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