Its symptoms are similar to Corona…a warning about a dangerous hidden virus that could return this spring

Health experts have warned that a “hidden” virus could return this spring, causing hospitalization or death in those with weakened immune systems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of human metapneumonitis virus (hMPV) have already begun to increase, and approximately 7.5% of people in the United States tested positive for the virus in mid-March, the highest level since April of last year.

Dr. Ed Hutchinson, from the University of Glasgow, said that the human pneumonia virus was “only identified through genetic sequencing in 2001, and it was then realized that it was a very common respiratory disease, present all over the world, and causing some very serious diseases.”

Human postpneumonia virus has many symptoms similar to those of coronavirus and influenza, and can lead to fatal pneumonia in a small number of patients. Symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, cough and wheezing.

Dr Ian Jones, from the University of Reading, said: “Cases usually peak early in the year and then taper off although there is always a certain amount.”

The impact of viruses varies from year to year, and the severity of one virus differs over another for many reasons.

However, according to Jones, “for most people, it will be nothing more than a common cold,” but the virus following human pneumonia can develop into more serious complications for those at high risk. That’s why it’s important to continue taking precautions to maintain health and protect those most at risk.

Dr Simon Clarke, from the University of Reading, added: “HPV is one of those viruses that makes the rounds every year, peaking in late winter or early spring. It causes cold-like symptoms, and the illness is very mild in most people, but in older adults, young children, and people with weakened immune systems, it can cause more serious respiratory illness. “It’s just one of a long list of viral infections that peak at this time of year, many of which cause very similar symptoms.”

Professor Jonathan Ball, from the University of Nottingham, confirmed: “For most people, the virus is nothing more than an annoying respiratory infection, but for some, especially young children infected for the first time, people with weakened immune systems and some older people, it can “The infection causes them to become more seriously ill.”

Like other respiratory diseases, human postpneumonia can develop into conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia. If it develops into a more serious condition, it can lead to hospitalization and even death. (Russia Today)

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