Because of the party’s bombing… Israelis talk about the situation near Lebanon: We lost the north

The “Al-Mayadeen” website stated that a report presented by the Israeli “Channel 12” said that the settlers of northern occupied Palestine have no future horizon, are desperate for promises that barely reach them, and do not know when they will return to their homes, after it conducted several interviews with the settlers.

The report’s author, Guy Varon, confirmed that 65,000 settlers were evacuated from the north, noting that those remaining live under a routine of missiles and sirens.

Faron counted the firing of more than 3,000 rocket shells and nearly 1,000 precision anti-tank missiles towards Galilee, in addition to dozens of aircraft carrying explosive materials. He added, “This reality, along with the fact that it is not clear how long the war will last, pushes families every day to decide to move to a fixed apartment in a safer place.”

Moran Dadush, a resident of the Gorn settlement, said: “We have no future horizon, nor any economic security regarding our future. The government took care of us and put us in housing and then forgot about us. We will not return to our homes even if there is a political settlement.”

Faron spoke about the visit of the members of the “war cabinet” to the north two months ago and promised them to change the reality there and allocate 305 billion shekels for its rehabilitation, stressing that none of these promises were implemented, noting that Gantz heard during his tour in the north talk about the lack of doctors or schools and the fear of… An emergency situation has become routine.

Broadcaster Hila Korah said that Israel is losing the north in a slow, long, quiet and transparent process, with startups and strong demographic groups moving to the center and doubt about their possibility of returning, in addition to businesses that are collapsing and finding no help, and the government’s absence from the event.

Faron pointed out that the north is affected by the continuous fighting on the border with Lebanon, and the first to pay the price are businesses. (Al-Mayadeen)

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