Qablan: Dissociation is a national sin

The distinguished Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan addressed all the Lebanese and political forces by saying: “Today’s national priorities revolve around a threatened homeland, an entity in the line of fire, a Zionist enemy, an Atlantic arsenal, and a country at the heart of a regional war in which the most dangerous international arsenals and formations are competing. What is supposed to secure national unity worthy of the most dangerous sovereign wars that The resistance is fighting it on behalf of all of Lebanon, its Muslims and Christians, and what the resistance is doing cannot be done by other countries.”

He added during the Ramadan lesson he delivers at the Imam Hussein Mosque in Burj al-Barajneh: “The resistance in the throes of this war faces the world, and Washington and NATO are partners of Tel Aviv, and it is forbidden to make mistakes in national accounts, and there is no difference between a Christian and an Islamic town, and the sovereign effort, according to national logic, must be paid by everyone.” Sectarian lies are a disgrace, and the sectarian reaction is a shame and slander. Positions that are in favor of Zionism are a major betrayal, and distancing oneself is a national sin. The resistance is a fence, a shield, strength, capabilities, and an existential guarantee for Lebanon. What the resistance is doing now is nothing more than a limited fight based on precise calculations, and with any open war, there will be no survival. In Tel Aviv, Haifa, and the Israeli centers of gravity, any structure or city is safe, and the world will see the reality of the enormous resistance arsenal and its shocking capabilities. All we want is “national sympathy” befitting the most important national epic waged by the greatest resistance in our contemporary history.”


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