Videos of trains with the Egyptian flag in the United States.. What is their interpretation?

Social media users circulated a recent video showing one of Egypt’s railway cars running on railway tracks in the state of Virginia in the United States of America.

The video raised many questions about whether Egypt supplies trains to America.

According to the “Cairo 24” website, the Egyptian Ministry of Transport had previously contracted with the American company “Waptec” (formerly General Electric) to supply American tractors to Egypt at separate intervals, and the first train arrived in January of last year 2023, then it was completed. Receiving about 39 other tractors in two phases, as part of a deal to manufacture and supply 100 new tractors for the Egyptian Railways Authority, bringing the number of American tractors that arrived in Egypt to 40 out of the total deal.

He explained that the process of supplying American tractors to Egypt comes within the contract concluded with “Waptec” Company, at a total cost of 247.3 million euros, including warranty, maintenance, and spare parts for the tractors for a period of 11 years, with support and financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction.

Regarding what was circulated by social media users regarding the appearance of an Egyptian railway carriage in Virginia, this tractor falls within the deal for American train tractors that will be supplied to Egypt during the current period, as Egypt is scheduled to receive a new deal to complete the rest of the 100 agreed-upon tractors. .

The “Waptech” company works to manufacture the tractors that are supplied to Egypt, and then runs them experimentally on one of the railway tracks there before supplying them directly to Egypt, to ensure the quality of the tractor’s manufacturing and its readiness to work immediately, according to informed sources at the Egyptian National Railway Authority. (RT)

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