There is no solution except by implementing Resolution 1701

Zeina Tabbara wrote in “Al-Anbaa Al-Kuwaiti”:

Former MP, retired Brigadier General Shamil Roukoz, saw that the confrontation between Hezbollah and the Israeli army, after the latter’s targeting of the northern and western Bekaa, is no longer limited to the southern front. Rather, it indicates the emergence of a new scene, whether in terms of its approach as a front supporting Gaza, or in terms of local and regional connections to it. Considering, therefore, that the prices Lebanon is paying in terms of lives and property, whether in the south or in the Bekaa, exceed the framework of support, and therefore requires, in parallel with appreciating the great sacrifices made by Hezbollah in the south, a correct re-evaluation of the situation, and on the basis of what the Lebanese interest requires. However, especially since the concept of “support” no longer benefits Gaza in any way, in light of the current field developments.

Accordingly, Roukoz pointed out in a statement to Al-Anbaa that the international consensus in the Security Council on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza represented a sign of hope for an exit from the cycle of violence, but the point is Israel’s commitment to its content, especially since the issue of prisoner exchange between Hamas and the Israelis has not been resolved. He recorded no positive note, not to mention that the Security Council resolution was supposed to include the southern Lebanon front, especially since Hezbollah is engaged in the confrontation under the title of engaging the enemy to support Gaza and nothing else. He, in return, expressed his hope that the Doha negotiations would reach positive conclusions in terms of exchange. Prisoners, in order to restore the situation in the south and the region to its previous state.

In response to a question, Roukoz stressed that it is not possible to rely on any solution in the region, specifically in southern Lebanon, except through the implementation of International Resolution 1701, noting that the great challenge lies in how to implement it completely and in a balanced manner on the Lebanese and Israeli sides, especially since Israel deliberately violated the resolution in a way Almost daily since its issuance in 2006, the hundreds of Lebanese complaints to the Security Council against Israeli violations of it are nothing but the best evidence and evidence, pointing on the other hand to Hezbollah’s demand to introduce amendments and annexes to Resolution 1701, which would open the doors to new disputes between the political forces. Lebanon and the Lebanese do not need it because of its negative impact on political stability and perhaps security.

In a related context, Roukoz concluded by stressing that the military developments in southern Lebanon and the region as a whole are weighing heavily on the Lebanese interior, but they certainly do not require braking the work of constitutional institutions and not electing a president of the republic, and the House of Representatives must therefore adhere to its responsibilities to elect a president as soon as possible, whatever the circumstances and developments. In the south and the region, noting that electing the president alone may not get Lebanon out of the tunnel of political and economic crises, as it must coincide with a basket of radical reforms that put an end to the sterile and crippling political conflicts for the country, which means, from Roukoz’s point of view, that what is required is only one thing: electing a president in parallel. With a complete and integrated basket of reforms, most notably the electoral law and the defense strategy, otherwise the country will remain mired, God willing, in the swamp of political differences and constitutional conflicts.

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