In recent hours… Israel has ignored the Security Council resolution and intensified its raids on Rafah

Our correspondent reported on Wednesday that Israeli forces intensified their raids during the last hours on various areas of the Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, targeting Palestinian homes.

The reporter said that 4 Palestinians were martyred as a result of Israeli fighter jets bombing a house belonging to the Dhair family in the town of Khirbet Al-Adas, north of Rafah.

Also, Israeli warplanes targeted a house for the Al-Hamayda family in Al-Shaboura camp in the center of Rafah governorate, and a poultry farm in the Al-Shoka area, east of the governorate.

Meanwhile, Israeli aircraft launched raids targeting agricultural land near Salah al-Din Gate, and two homes for the Al-Farra and Al-Hams families in Yabna camp, south of Rafah governorate.

This comes as the war in the Gaza Strip has entered its 173rd day, as Israeli forces continue to target Palestinians and their homes, especially in the south of the Strip, despite the issuance of a resolution by the UN Security Council on Monday evening calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. (RT)

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