The Security Council resolution is the first American warning to Israel?

Ghada Halawi wrote in “Call of the Nation”: The course of events from Gaza to southern Lebanon, and the continuation of Israeli attacks, proves that the UN Security Council resolution had not occurred. He demanded an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and Israel escalated its operations. The decision caught Israel by surprise, and Hamas, which was the first to welcome its issuance, thought it would be an opportunity to catch a breath. Since its announcement, the lesson has been Israel’s commitment, and its implementation has been questioned. Israel has not committed to implementing it to date, but its situation has become very embarrassing before the international community. Can it implement its threats to enter Rafah?

Since its announcement, the axis of resistance has not hoped that the decision would be implemented by Israel. It did not fall under Chapter Seven or Six, its implementation mechanisms were not announced, and it did not include details beyond the recommendation to release the hostages, so how could Hamas release them based on any agreement? What are the guarantees, and based on what political solution? On Israel’s part, it was expected that it would not take the decision into consideration as it prepared to enter Rafah. And from cons the decision that Vote on him did not Paired Assuming withdrawal Israel from Gaza And back IDPs to her, And he groaned text on stood up Timer For war until end Month Ramadan Current, any For two weeks Just. OKIt will fall within the context of its positives: stopping Israeli operations, flowing aid to the people of Gaza, and reorganizing Hamas internally, but it has not been moved into implementation, which means that the war of attrition continues, and that Netanyahu will not surrender to his fate easily. And as in Gaza And Rafah like that in Lebanon, Seeking Israel wants to provoke Hezbollah by dragging it into a wider war. Bank expanded its goals, knowing that Hezbollah had no intention of entering into a war with it, even though the Security Council resolution had nothing to do with what the south was witnessing. And aloof on the decision Then Negotiations between “agitation” And Israel You will continue. Access The head of the Hamas movement goes to Tehran to reinforce the hypothesis of discussing a deal that precedes the truce, and the visit aims to coordinate, knowing that Iran, like Hezbollah, refuses to bear responsibility for any agreement and leaves Hamas the freedom to decide what it finds appropriate. she Condemnation The first For Israel from where the shape And a gain on The level of tension in the relationship with the Americans, who will be embarrassed after today by providing military aid to Israel, not to mention the internal criticism of the Israeli Prime Minister regarding his tense policy with America. That is, what some consider to be the beginning of the end for the Prime Minister of Israel.

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