In these areas… seizure reports were issued against a butcher shop and a sweet shop

Consumer Protection Authority observers made their daily tours of meat, vegetable, fruit, sweets, juice, bakery shops, and water refining and bottling plants, and were concentrated today in the town of Kawkaba, Hasbaya District, and the towns of Nabatiyeh Al-Fawqa, Kafr Tibnit, Ansar, Zibdine, and Toul.

The observers wrote seven arrest reports in the town of Kawkaba and one arrest report against the owner of a sweets shop, and in the town of Ansar, an arrest report was written against the owner of a butcher shop.

As for Toul, an arrest report was filed against the owner of a butcher shop, and in Nabatieh El-Fouqa, two arrest reports were filed against the owners of fruit and vegetable shops due to violating food safety and not announcing prices.

The head of the Consumer Protection Authority, Muhammad Bitar, warned all merchants of the necessity of adhering to the laws, under penalty of recording arrest reports against them and referring them to the competent judiciary.

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