An American state passes a law restricting the use of social networking sites by minors

How did Ron DeSantis justify his signing of the law?

“We are trying to help parents deal with a very thorny issue,” the Republican governor said while signing the text.
Ron DeSantis had rejected another bill prohibiting the use of networks for those under the age of 16, arguing that the text did not sufficiently take into account the wishes of parents.
The governor, a losing candidate in the race for the Republican Party nomination in the upcoming presidential election, has repeatedly said that parents should have greater control over decisions regarding their children, especially in educational matters.

Florida House Speaker Paul Reiner, the bill’s main supporter, welcomed the law’s adoption, saying: “We know that the number of crimes committed against children on social media is greater than anywhere else,” adding: “We also know that social media has an impact… “Devastating to our children’s mental health.”

Differences in opinions about the law
Some critics of the law say it is up to parents, not authorities, to monitor their children’s social media use.
Others worry about potentially violating the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression.

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