A new death toll from the Crocus terrorist attack

The Russian Emergencies Ministry issued a statement today confirming that 133 people were killed and 152 people were injured in the Crocus terrorist attack on the outskirts of Moscow, noting the continuation of rubble removal operations after the fire.

The Russian emergency statement came, quoting updated data issued by its headquarters in the Moscow region, and said: “As a result of the terrorist attack, 285 people were injured (including 8 children), of whom 133 people died (including 3 children).”

The Russian Ministry of Health had previously announced 147 infections as a result of the Crocus terrorist attack.

In addition, rescuers from the Ministry of Emergencies continue to remove rubble at the site of the attack. 91 cubic meters of dismantled rubble were collected, and at night heavy equipment joined the relocation work. (RT)

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