Does Türkiye sell weapons to Israel?

The Turkish Ministry of Commerce responded in a statement today to several media reports that talked about the supply of ammunition and weapons to Israel, confirming that these reports were not true and described them as fake and a manipulation of facts.

The ministry said in a statement: “It is clear that the subtitles of the tariff schedule were manipulated in order to direct public opinion in the direction they wanted.” This news published by foreign websites aims to manipulate and does not reflect reality“.

A number of media outlets reported, citing the Turkish Statistical Office “TÜİK”Ankara supplied Israel with explosives, gunpowder, weapons and ammunition last January.

The Ministry of Commerce explained in the press release that the explosives included “liquid fuel and gas intended for lighters” and that the weapons and ammunition included “hunting rifle parts and hunting equipment such as spears.”“.

At the same time, the Turkish Ministry of Defense issued a statement denying media reports about any cooperation with Israel.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said: “Turkey always supports Palestine and cannot engage in any activities aimed at harming Palestine. There is no cooperation between the Turkish Ministry of Defense and Israel in the field of military training, maneuvers, or the defense industry.”“.

( Russia Today)

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