Europe is worried about ISIS Khorasan. Its boldness will push it to target it

Sky News Arabia wrote:

For its part, the American newspaper “The New York Times” considered that the “ISIS Khorasan” organization, which claimed responsibility for the Moscow attack, and before that in operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, has set its sights on attacking targets in Europe and beyond, as the “ISIS Khorasan” organization has expanded its reach. Its operations in recent years, with cross-border strikes inside Pakistan and a growing number of attempts in the heart of Europe, where most of those attacks were thwarted before they occurred, led Western intelligence to assess that the group may have reached the lethal limits of its capabilities.

According to the New York Times, counter-terrorism specialists expressed concern that the attacks in Moscow and Iran may encourage ISIS-K to redouble its efforts to strike Europe, especially in France, Belgium, Britain, and other countries that have been subjected to intermittent attacks over the past decade.

Last July, Germany and the Netherlands coordinated the arrests of 7 Tajik, Turkmen, and Kyrgyz individuals linked to the ISIS-Khorasan network and who were suspected of planning attacks in Germany. Three men were also arrested in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, due to plans to attack Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve 2023, with raids resulting in three other arrests in Austria, and one in Germany on December 24 on suspicion of supporting ISIS Khorasan. .

In turn, the French analyst specializing in government relations and international affairs, Frank Farnel, said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” website, that a clear warning has been issued regarding the growing threat within France and perhaps throughout Europe from terrorist activities by ISIS Khorasan, in light of President Macron warned of possible attacks and raised the level of security alert inside the country.

Farnell explained that the frank acknowledgment of the terrorist plots that have been thwarted across European countries confirms the severe and ongoing danger posed by these extremist groups, as the recent trend of attacks and plans that have been thwarted across Europe shows unequivocally that the danger is from organizations such as ISIS Khorasan. “Direct and sophisticated.

According to the French analyst specializing in international affairs, the recruitment of extremist individuals locally by these groups, as evidenced by various incidents including the killing of a German tourist in a knife attack carried out by a French man last December, indicates a strategic shift towards using local elements to carry out terrorist operations. .

He added: “Moreover, the series of threats and attacks in neighboring countries, including the coordinated events on March 19 in Germany, along with other incidents in Austria and repeated events in Germany and the Netherlands, confirm that this threat is not limited to France alone. But it extends across the entire European continent.”

Farnell stressed that the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris represent a particularly prominent target for terrorist entities that aim to appear on a large scale.

The former UN counter-terrorism official, who works as an advisor to the Counter-Extremism Project, Edmund Fitton-Brown, agrees with this proposal, and he expressed his deep concern about the Paris Olympics, saying that “it would be an excellent terrorist target.” (Sky News Arabia)

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