An urgent letter from the Minister of Finance to the Council of Notaries.. What did it say?

Based on a prior and joint decision between the Ministers of Finance and Justice, the Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Yousef Al-Khalil, sent a letter to the Council of Notaries in which he asked them to commit to approving the receipt signed on 1/10/2024 by filling out a form that includes the state fees, the fiscal stamp fee, and the permitted notaries’ fees. According to the law and the fee that the notary receives for completing the transaction required by the state.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance announced that, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, it will provide the latter with the necessary financial stamps from the categories required for nomination applications for official examinations, provided that the Ministry of Education distributes these stamps to educational centers in the regions according to the mechanism it deems appropriate.

In a related field, the Ministry handed over to the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces 100,000 stamps of the 100,000 denomination and five thousand stamps of the 50,000 denomination, based on its request, to place them within the reach of traffic detachments.

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