All thanks to the Minister of Education for his decision regarding official exams

Former MP Rola Tabsh wrote through her account on the “X” platform: “All thanks to the Minister of Education, Judge Abbas Al-Halabi, for the decision he took to continue holding unified secondary school exams for all Lebanese students and not to separate the south from the rest of the regions, while taking their situation into account by adopting the principle of subjects.” Electives, as well as not taking the unified exam for the intermediate certificate – rehearsal and approving school grades.

We thank the understanding shown by His Excellency the Minister to the concerns that many officials had regarding the issue of official exams and his haste to address the matter with all wisdom. We are all confident that in the coming years we will be able to find a logical and fair educational mechanism to conduct official exams to protect the future of our children.”

(National Agency)

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