We warn of the increasing number of displaced Syrians

Former MP Amal Abu Zeid warned in a statement that “the increasing number of displaced Syrians constitutes a dangerous demographic coup that lays the foundation for the explosion of Lebanon.”

He wrote on the “X” platform: “As the Cypriot President returns to Beirut, accompanied by the President of the European Commission, we are drawn to the words of French Foreign Minister Stephane Ségornet at the conclusion of his visit to Lebanon when he announced, “His country hopes that the Syrians will return to their country, and we call on the parties concerned to work so that this return is voluntary.” “The cream is safe according to international laws,” stressing “the necessity of adhering to these conditions.”

Abu Zeid added: “We express our fear of these ambiguous positions and the repetition of the temptation of voluntary return, and we call on Europe in general and France in particular to truly stand by Lebanon and its highest interest by removing the existential threat to it resulting from the bomb represented by displaced Syrians. Other than that, the positions are merely buying time to keep the displaced Syrians in Lebanon and make it an alternative homeland with the force of a fait accompli through the policy of hypocrisy and procrastination practiced by the West towards Lebanon, at a time when the number of displaced Syrians is increasing to constitute more than half of the population of Lebanon, and this in itself is a dangerous coup in The demographic equation lays the foundation for the explosion of Lebanon, as happened in 1975.”

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