A new low will hit Lebanon.. This is what Father Khneisser revealed

Elie Khneisser, a specialist in meteorology and climatology, reported that the impact of the tropical depressions forming over the Red Sea and the western Arabian Peninsula has begun to affect Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria in a varying manner, and the rain will be concentrated in Lebanon for the next two days, over the eastern chain and affecting the northeastern and eastern Bekaa and Akkar, where The rains will be torrential, with the risk of torrents and floods, which areas in the Qaa and Hermel projects suffered yesterday, Monday. The torrents caused damage to the Orontes River cafes and aquariums. They will also affect the western mountains overlooking the sea, while they will be weak over the central Lebanese coast and the southern regions.

He added: “Heavy rain accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms reaching a rate of up to 90%, with local hailstones, will hit Lebanese regions between today and tomorrow, Wednesday.”

It is expected that the weather will gradually improve on Thursday, with the possibility of passing rain falling on Thursday and Friday, and the weather will turn clear and cloudy on Saturday, awaiting the arrival of a heavy depression of rain towards southern Turkey that will affect Lebanon and the coast of Syria on Sunday and Monday.

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