The occupation annihilates agricultural lands in Gaza.. Prices are catastrophic

The Israeli occupation aimed to burn everything green in Gaza, as part of its crimes aimed at the genocide of the population of the Strip, as the criminal war destroyed more than 75% of the agricultural sector, the main source of food supply for the besieged Palestinians, in light of the closure of the crossings, including Rafah, Kerem Abu Salem, and Erez, and the great restrictions on Entry of aid.

As a result of the state of starvation in the Gaza Strip, dozens of people lost their lives as a result of hunger and Israeli obstinacy in bringing aid and trucks loaded with food into the areas of Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip, which exacerbated the living conditions.

In addition to the Israeli siege, the cost of living indicators have risen dramatically due to the recent closure of crossings and borders.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the month of February 2024 recorded a sharp increase in the cost of living index in the Gaza Strip in general by 27%.

Data from the Union of Agricultural Work Committees reflect that the Israeli war contributed to the destruction of more than 75% of the agricultural sector in Gaza, and greatly undermined it, as the agricultural sector in Gaza constitutes a basic and vital pillar of food as well as the economy.

With the huge increase in vegetable prices, the situation in the sector has shifted to buying very small and limited quantities of them, which contributes to providing families with light needs for food, especially during the month of Ramadan, which came in light of harsh humanitarian conditions.

The Palestinian Muhammad Abu Al-Hasani talks about the state of the significant increase in vegetables and foodstuffs due to the difficulty of the flow of trucks and aid in light of the Israeli war continuing for the sixth month in a row with no prospect of it stopping.

Abu Al-Hassani told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that the prices of basic vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes have reached 100 Israeli shekels, in addition to other types of peas recording a significant increase of up to 28 shekels per kilogram. ($1 = 3.64 shekels).

The Palestinian who lives in Gaza City points out that the population has come to rely on buying these vegetables in small quantities, as the price of a plate consisting of 4 cucumbers or tomatoes reaches approximately 30 US dollars, which is a very high amount. (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

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